(Postt written for #shecoded2020 from Dev.to)


What equality in tech looks like, you asked?

Being welcomed and feeling like you belong...
Being respect...
Being a value team member.

I’m an expert at...

Hmmm... Explaining things in a natural and beginner-friendly way.

My advice for allies to support self-identifying women and non-binary folks who code is...

Now, why does being a woman in tech makes me a minority when we are half of the population? Doesn't that sound silly?
The thing is, for some reason, in tech we are.

And some people will tell me: women aren't in tech because they don't want to be,
Programming has nothing to do with gender.

And yes, Programming doesn't have to do with gender.
But mindset, opportunities, and biases do.

If Women see women in the field, it gives them a sense of "hey, there is space for me".
If Women see men respecting those women they get a sense of "hey, I am welcomed".

You often read that women give up in mid-career... I am a newbie so I can just guess why...

Because they have to try too hard?
Because they don't feel welcome?
Because they are just tired of the fight to keep their space?

On March 2020 I ask you:
Can you do anything to help us?

We can do it without your help, but Damm it would be nice if we had your help!

Just make space for us.
Help us feel safe and welcomed.
We aren't going anywhere folks, so we better be friends ??

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