Storytelling gives individuals the power to communicate their emotions and desires to a person or community. Storytelling gives readers the opportunity to step into someone else’s shoes and understand how they think and feel. When you tell a story, you invite your readers on an emotional journey, which will help them connect with you on a personal level.

Brand storytelling is important in an age when consumers define the paths to their purchases in a social setting. Trustworthiness is key. Brand storytelling is telling a story that will help your customers connect to your brand. Your story should be specific to you and your brand. It should be a story that only you can tell.


Values are character traits that define your company. Is your company bold? Trustworthy? Honest? These character traits will help shape the narrative of your story. However, if you want to stand out, it is better to be more specific. Highlight your niche or the market that you are selling to. Take a stance that people can get behind. Be environmentally conscious and give back to your community like Toms. Be accepting and encourage people to love themselves for who they are like Dove.

At Viviscape, we believe in the importance of storytelling to highlight the value of your brand. We are dedicated to helping you say what you stand for in two to three words. It is important to us that we convey your wants and beliefs to be clear and uncomplicated. This will help you engage with customers who share the same values, helping your company to gain brand loyalty. It’s easier to focus your marketing when you know what’s important to your company.


Consumers want to know who you are. They want to connect to someone. They don’t want to just read facts about your company’s growth. They want to understand your company as a personality. An important part of being relatable is sharing your failures. It’s hard to connect with a narrative with perfect characters. It’s hard to care about someone’s success when they didn’t struggle to get there. People are interested in the obstacles you had to overcome. The obstacles that prevent the protagonist from achieving his or her goal is the best part of any story. People want to know how you overcame your failures. What struggles have you faced to get you where you are?

It’s equally important to share your goals and the history of your brand. It’s an essential part of what makes your brand. The more people know about your company, the easier it will be for them to trust you. Since everyone has goals and a history to share, understanding your story makes you more relatable. Knowing the root of your brand and how it all started gives your brand authenticity. It contributes to the story of the underdog. Against all odds, your brand was able to shine through and be successful.


Stories are scientifically proven to grab a person’s attention because they stimulate the brain. If you create an emotional story that people can relate to, you can make your brand unforgettable. When people purchase a product, it often fulfills an emotional need. That’s why it’s important that you provide consumers with emotional support. For instance, many clothing stores showcase models of different ethnicities and sizes so that customers will feel better about their bodies when shopping on their website. Any type of emotional journey you provide through your advertising campaign or content will be memorable. People might not remember what the content said, but they’ll remember how it made them feel and the brand name that was attached to it.

When it comes to standing out, it’s important to know who you are. What’s the story behind your brand? Why do you exist? Why do you matter? What makes your brand? The more specific your answers to these questions, the more you will stand out amongst your competitors.


Viviscape can help you tell your story. We can help you create the right characters, setting, conflict, rising action, climax, and a conclusion that will sell your brand apart. Viviscape can help you create a story that starts with a problem, provide a solution (your product), and ends with the success of your company.


Viviscape is dedicated to creating custom-tailored websites, apps, and content that will connect you with your target audience. We will help you define your story by creating intuitive websites and apps that will give your story a platform on the web. Viviscape will make sure that you have a website that highlights your story and provokes an emotional connection with your potential clients. As experts in the digital world, we know the best way to share your story online so that it is accessible and memorable on the web. We can provide you with custom made apps to further connect with your audience via video or messaging.

It isn’t easy to create a story that envelopes your brand and relates to your customers, but Viviscape can help make it a little bit easier. Take the first step and request a consultation with one of Viviscape’s experts at

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