Getting people to notice your branded content can be difficult. The internet is flooded with so much information that it’s easy for your content to go unseen. FlyTrap may be the boost in visibility that you need for your branded content.


FlyTrap is an all in one platform designed to connect local businesses to their communities. FlyTrap allows businesses to post their content on a platform where it will be seen. Locals can search for businesses in their community by zip code, bringing your brand directly to your desired target audience. FlyTrap gives you the opportunity to share photos, video animations, posts, and more. Since FlyTrap brings your audience directly to your content, it increases your content’s visibility. Targeting a local audience is a smart way to build brand awareness.

Use FlyTrap to promote your brand. Share your coupons, promo codes, and more with potential local customers and boost customer loyalty. Use precise tagging so that you can better reach your audience both on mobile devices and desktops. Further specify your target audience by choosing where you want to make your impact. Let your audience advertise for you. With FlyTrap, your audience can share their favorite businesses and spread news and information about your brand.

You can also use FlyTrap to get feedback from your customers, which will allow you to adjust your brand content to suit your customers’ needs. Through polls and sales funnels, you can edit your content based on your audience.


With FlyTrap Go Shops, you can set up an online store for your products and services without the hassle of building your own website. Create a shop that is intuitive for you and your customers with no additional monthly fees and low transaction rates. FlyTrap Go Shops offers you the option to track orders, receive shipping notifications, and provide shopping carts for your customers. FlyTrap Go Shops don’t require any coding and are easy to maintain. Having an online shop will give you a necessary boost over your competitors because you are offering your customers the convenience of shopping from home.

Get started with FlyTrap Business. Start delivering content directly to your audience. Be noticed online when your audience shares your content with other people. Create a FlyTrap Go Shop that allows you to help your business thrive online.

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