Visual brand storytelling will help your customers understand your brand and your product. It is important when you share a story about your brand that it is entertaining to consumers. The entertainment value that you bring to your audience will help you stand out from the crowd. It might even inspire your audience to share your video with their friends. Creating animated videos will keep your audience entertained while also informing them about your brand.


An audience typically doesn’t spend more than 30 seconds on a video, which is why it’s important to tell your story clearly and concisely. Animated storytelling is a great way to accomplish this goal and has become a popular tool in creating explainer videos. Animation is good at breaking down complex ideas into step by step processes. It allows your audience to visualize your process, especially if you’re selling technology services and products that are otherwise hard to visualize. Representing your ideas with images will help your audience understand your services and products. You can animate charts and graphs to represent data in a fun and entertaining way. With animation, you can create any image you can imagine. 


Since animation doesn’t have limitations, it’s easier for you to represent your brand in an animated video. If you need a scene with a flying pig, a transformative magical school bus, or a talking dog, animation provides you with the tools to make these otherwise impossible scenes a reality. Your brand can be incorporated in an animated video through the style of the video and characters. You can choose to have a white board animation or something more colorful. Your characters can be detailed or minimalistic. Different styles of animation will evoke different emotions in your audience. Another perk of animation is that it gives you the opportunity to incorporate your brand’s color scheme, logo, and other images into your video. The combination of the animation style, color choice, and brand logo in your video will remind your viewers of who you are as company and make you unforgettable.  


People are more likely to remember your brand when they watch a video. People can watch videos faster than they can read text, and as a result, people tend to watch videos more frequently. Animation gives you the opportunity to tell your customers who you are, what you do, and why people should buy your product. Don’t directly ask your audience to buy your product, but tell them why your product fulfills a need that they have in their lives. Having an animated explainer video that breaks down what your product can do for your audience will establish your brand as creative and modern. You’ll boost your engagement with your customers who will be able to share your video once it is posted, bringing visibility to your brand. Since animated videos will bring your brand visibility and keep audiences on your website longer, it will also increase your SEO. The longer people stay on your site, the higher up you’ll be in Google’s search results.


Animation makes it easy for you to update your video. Whether you want to change data that was presented in your video or add an entire new scene demonstrating a new service you provide, animation makes it easy to make these changes. On the other hand, any change to a live action video would require reshoots, which is more time consuming and more expensive than digitally editing an animation.


Animated video storytelling is a big journey to embark on. Viviscape can help you along that journey by creating content that will entertain your target audience and explain your products and services clearly and concisely. Together we can help you tell the story that you want to tell.

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