What is Flytrap?

Flytrap is a software application that makes it easy to share your content.

Do you need to have an existing website?

No – Flytrap can stand alone or you can use Flytrap to relay content back to your existing website.

Can Sell Products and Services on Flytrap?

Yes – Flytrap has a simple to use eCommerce engine made to sell, and manage orders placed from your Flytrap App Listings.

What type of content can I share on Flytrap?

Flytrap allows you to share a variety of content depending on what type of plan you have.  Every account allows you to create unlimited amounts of posts and updates.  With the Pro and Premium accounts, you have the ability to unlock the ability to share videos, photos, and other types of multimedia.

What is the best way to get started?

We recommend that you set up your app listing profile with all of your desired contact information, and social connections first, then start sharing content related to your brand.  This will allow Google and people searching to discover your content and your brand.

To learn more about the Flytrap Business Plans you can learn more here.

Is Flytrap like Google My Business?

Yes – Flytrap does have a few similar tools like Google My Business but provides a lot of extra tools along with more flexibility.

How can I use Flytrap for sales?

 Flytrap has a variety of tools to help with streamlining your sales process. With the built-in contact lists, funnel pages, and smart voice and SMS marketing campaigns there are endless ways to build a simple sales strategy to build your contact list and help your prospects the right information they are looking for.

To learn more about all of the capabilities of Flytrap, you can compare it from a list of features on the Flytrap Plans page.

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