We added a few really cool features to Flytrap last week.  They will be rolling out in this upcoming build.

✔️ Send Join Call - The ability to have conference rooms call participants opposed to sending out numbers and access pins.  Access pins are still supported.

✔️ Flytrap CC Push Notification - Stay up to date on what is happening with your Flytrap Apps and Business listings with push notifications.

✔️ FlyView Video Conferencing - Create a quick conference room for internal and external use for your Flytrap app and business listings.

🍳 Flytrap Events - We still cooking up the have Events tools, but we will be rolling out a few awesome features for your Flytrap Apps and Business Listings.  

💡 Did you know that you can attach contact list forms to Flytrap Pages? 

Flytrap Pages allow you to design any type of landing page on Flytrap and attach a call to action form for people looking to subscribe.