Many projects start with a great idea of conquering the world. Sometimes these ideas are so exciting we all want to instantly start building and promoting our new shiny idea with  website or mobile app. 

There are a few things consider before starting your next digital experience.

  • What is the best audience for your idea?
  • What pain point does your solution solve?
  • How important is this solution, and does it offer value?
  • Where do you engage, network, and confirm your solution?

These are all valid questions you have to ask ourselves before proceeding to the next steps.  If you can not answer all of these questions with clarity, you may need to go back to the table and think about the “Why” or the “Reason” for your new solution.  Sometimes ideas are just ideas.  If your  audiences does not have an interest in your solution, you may be wasting your time in area that is not needed.

Walk-in their shoes

After you have defined who your audience and understand the pain points, we need to understand and connect with the pain they are going through.  For your solution to be bulletproof, you have to walk in the shoes of the person experiencing the pain you are looking to remedy.   

Become a SME (Subject Matter Expert)

Explaining your solution is like telling a story.  Being able to connect to the pain points, and empathizing the pain your audience is going through will help you show sincerely how your solution is the best course of action.  Discovering your voice and becoming an advocate in their space is an essential step towards being taken seriously.  If someone feels you are not qualified to help them, they will feel the same about your solution.

Get Organized

Organization is definitely a skill the weakest can learn with a little patience, dedication, and practice.  Collecting your ideas and getting them in writing or preferably a digital document can really help provide a reference to expand on.  If you are not good at taking notes, there are are many other ways of getting organized.  Start with a voice recorder or smartphone voice memo app, or look for a dictation app that provides transcribing.  After doing so, start recording your thoughts, discussions, and brainstorming sessions with others.

There are many more steps towards necessary before striking out on your next digital adventure.  Working with a business consultant like myself with an agency behind them can offer a world of value when striking towards your destination by saving time and providing the expertise and tools you need to be successful.

If you are looking to develop your next process, software solutions, or need help telling your story of your product or brand. You can reach me on any of the major social channels at @arthicksdev or contact my agency @viviscape directly by click on the link below.

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