Spending more time at home means using all of your homes features more often. Among those features constantly in use are your heating and cooling systems (also known as HVAC). These systems determine whether or not your home stays warm or cool when you need it most. So it’s important to make sure the right advocate/expert is there to help when necessary.  

For starters, you have to understand why HVAC is important in the home. Heating and air conditioning work together to provide airflow and energy efficiency throughout your living space. Having the right advocate or expert to help with the installation or maintenance of a system will help these functions perform at their highest level. To break it down, an HVAC advocate can help you understand how both your AC and Heating units work together.  

  • Your furnace heats the air in the winter and the blower circulates it throughout your home keeping everyone warm.
  • As for your AC, the unit’s evaporator coil does the opposite, removing heat and humidity from the air during the summer keeping your house cool.  

Working with an HVAC advocate can also help you understand the specifics of the installation process from beginning to end. Starting with the wide-ranging costs of systems and which ones will work the best for your home. Finding the right unit can be somewhat tedious if it’s your first time. An advocate can cut that time in half by recommending the right unit(s) to fit the size, style and climate of your home environment. Knowing these things early on will cut down on your search time and add more time to the installation process.  

Another benefit of having an HVAC advocate in your corner is when the inevitable time to replace your unit happens. HVAC Advocates or experts can help you discern when’s the right time to replace your unit(s). That may mean replacing one or both of them simultaneously to save costs and provide a more customizable fit for your home.  

A lasting benefit of working with an HVAC expert comes in the form of capitalizing on any extra features you may not experience for the first six months or so of owning a new system. For example, recouping energy efficiency costs. An advocate can help steer you in the right direction of a system that will save you money down the line when it comes to the infamous utility bill. They can also help you understand how HVAC systems age. So, when you’re purchasing one, you get a system that is long-lasting and not susceptible to breakdowns early on (no one wants to replace their HVAC system yearly). 

When it’s time to purchase a new HVAC system it’s important to do your research first. Find out where the best HVAC experts in your area are by using MyHVACAdvocate to find contractors, get multiple bids on your home project and an installation at a reasonable price. 

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