It finally happened. You’ve hit your breaking point with your air conditioner because your house just doesn’t want to cool off. You’re thinking about replacing the entire AC but then you realize your heating unit is also malfunctioning...great! You budgeted money for your AC but you weren’t prepared to replace your entire HVAC system. So now what? 

Well, let’s start with some basics (meaning your HVAC systems age). The age of your current system may determine the performance and efficiency of the unit in your home.  The average lifespan of your air conditioner or heat pump is 10 – 12 years. As for your furnace, it’s usually around 15-20 years. While it can seem like bad luck to go through an HVAC system replacement, it doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Think of it as an opportunity to upgrade while also learning new ways to do so cost effectively.  

Did you know... 

  • Your furnace and AC typically consume fifty percent of your gas and electric bills. So efficiency matters when it comes to saving money.

  • New systems tend to be a lot quieter and can help solve air flow issues depending on conditions in your home.   

Using these tips as the ground work while searching for a new system can take away the stress of replacement. For starters, you’ve realized you have been paying far too much in utilities to heat and cool your home. So getting a new system is your chance to bring that cost way down. One way of doing that is by reaching out to an HVAC Advocate who can help find the best energy efficient systems customized to fit your home. An advocate’s understanding that both your heating and cooling units work together will help you pick the right system to heat and cool your house efficiently. 

Another perk of having an HVAC Advocate help you during your system replacement is finding the right contractor to do the install. More often than not, finding a contractor can make or break an install project. A lot of factors including proximity, cost, equipment and scheduling hinder many contractors and clients from working successfully together. However, working with an advocate cuts out the middle man by helping you find the right contractor at the right price. Not only does MyHVACAdvocate help you locate contractors in your area but it also allows you to select the bid that fits your price range. Beats spending weeks searching online for one doesn’t it? 

Once you’ve selected the right contractor and budget, scheduling is all that’s left. Which of course is also easy because it’s whatever works best for you within reason. The process of replacing an HVAC system doesn’t have to be complicated. Having an ally when it comes to targeting the problem, finding the solution and also the help is major step up. You're always on the move. With so many options out there, it’s important to know what will save you money and time at a moment's notice. Don’t let the unexpectedness of replacing your HVAC system be a negative when you can positively upgrade your home and save money while doing it.  

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