Let's be honest, finding the right HVAC system for your home can be a bit complicated. Even more so if your parents never really taught you what to look for. Or why an HVAC system is important in the first place. This could lead to countless hours searching online trying to find a good deal. Then you have to worry about finding a contractor close enough to install it. And let’s not forget making sure your unit(s) actually fit the home you’re in. Complicated right? Well it doesn’t have to be. Using some simple guidelines, you can knock out the entire process in no time (and in a way that’s easy on your wallet).  

Good Help is Hard to Find 

When it comes to choosing your first HVAC system, it’s important to search for someone to help first. Find an expert or advocate who knows the ends and outs of heating and cooling systems. This will prevent you from pulling your hair out (or giving up altogether). The right HVAC advocate should make your experience easier and provide you options. This means starting with what you actually need first. Working with an HVAC advocate should help you understand the difference between your air conditioning and your heating units. Why they work together and why they’re both dependent on each other. Once you have an understanding of how and why your systems work in tandem, then you can put more attention towards what you need.  

Cost is Always King! 

The next step is working with your HVAC advocate to find unit(s) that fit your price-range. All HVAC systems aren’t created equal and are wide-ranging when it comes to cost. Finding one that fits your budget should prevent you from spending too much on something you don’t need. Or encourage you to spend enough on something you do need, that will last. An HVAC advocate is experienced in helping you decipher between the two. Besides, it’ll be a win/win if you only need to replace one unit instead of both (saving you time, money and your sanity).  

An Install Worth the Price 

Once you have the right pieces in place, it’s time to install. This is where an HVAC advocate definitely comes in handy. With the help of an expert, you can find the right contractor in your area for all your installation needs. With help, you can also find the best contractor bid while making sure the installation fits a schedule that’s right for you. And don’t forget to make sure you your contractor’s own equipment is included in whatever bid you choose. This will help consolidate the entire process and cut down on install time as well.  

Is it Worth It? 

In today’s day and age, everyone loves to either do things for themselves or simply hire someone who can handle it efficiently (especially inside your home) Knowing what you need when it comes to home maintenance and how an advocate can help is smart. Why spend money aimlessly on HVAC systems, installations and repairs, when you can cover it all with the help of MyHVACAdvocate (thinking smart, remember?) The only time you should be spending money aimlessly is on vacation.  

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