• Winter is coming. Don’t wait to get your home ready for Fall/Winter when an HVAC Advocate can help now!

    Summer has been a busy time for all of us and getting outside has been a number one priority. However, enjoying the nice weather may leave your HVAC system stagnant from lack of use. Plus, with Fall/Winter fast approaching you may need to do a last-minute check of your system before cooler weather returns.

    This is where My HVAC Advocate can help. Get in touch with an advocate today to help complete your in-home checklist for Fall/Winter. Since your heating and cooling units work together it’ll be easy to review your HVAC system with an expert before it’s too late using these helpful tips.

    1. Your heating solution can provide a variety of benefits including better air quality and air circulation. High efficiency models accumulate more savings over time since it takes less energy to operate them.

      To make sure you’re heating unit is running smoothly the air inside your home should be circulating efficiently. An expert can help make sure both your AC and Heating units are pushing air through your home effectively. So, when it gets cooler, you won’t have to worry about your furnace working overtime to heat your house.

    2. Consider how big your home is. Space heating is typically the largest energy expense in American households. Making up nearly 45% of residential energy bills.

      Know the space you’re heating when contacting an expert. That way, when an HVAC advocate reviews your home, they know exactly how your system should be running in the space provided. Having an adequate understanding of your home’s square footage will allow experts to know how often your system should be running in the cooler months. Plus, it’ll do wonders when it comes to your utility bill.

    3.  Whether you have a manual or programmable thermostat, the Department of Energy (DOE) recommends a temperature of 68°F while you're awake. Or a lower temperature while asleep or away from home. That alone can save you up to 10% a year on energy. To learn more about the options available, take a look at Department of Energy’s thermostat guide!

      Adjusting your thermostat will play a huge part in energy efficiency over the winter. As mentioned above, having the right temperature in your home during cooler months can be a bit of a balancing act. Too high and you’ll likely spend more money keeping your space warm consistently. Too low and you risk not being warm at all. Avoid the thermostat rollercoaster by consulting an HVAC expert that can help you find the right setting for every space in your home.

    4. It’s important to understand, one size doesn’t fit all. Your home is customized and your system has to be too. Different brands (and efficiencies) should be considered when making any HVAC choices for your home.

    Most importantly, making sure your system is working effectively may mean replacing parts if they no longer serve your home. Do your research and contact an expert to help you find the right match. HVAC experts know having the wrong size unit (or system) in your home can tip the scales of saving money in either direction. Make sure your home HVAC system is the right fit.

    These are only some of the benefits of having an experienced HVAC expert help prepare your home for Fall/Winter. Someone to help you complete your checklist and do the thinking for you. Someone to make you aware of any unnoticed issues. So, what are you waiting for? Don’t get left out in the cold. Get going with these starter tips and contact MyHVACAdvocate today.