When you search online for a marketing agency to improve your company’s reach, you’re probably looking at the first group of agencies that pop up for your location. Before you settle on a company that has a flashy website and bargain-basement prices, think about what they truly offer you in the way of services. Sure, it’s great to get the lowest price you can for marketing services, but you want to make sure you’re not tossing money to the wind. An agency that simply audits your website, gives you a fancy report with graphs and bar charts, and feeds gobs of your money to the Google PPC machine may not be doing the best job they can for you.

At Viviscape, we pride ourselves as not only being marketing specialists but also highly accomplished software developers. Why is that important? We’ll tell you why in this article!

Easier to Integrate Other Marketing Tools

You’ve probably heard of APIs and widgets, but you’ve never really tried to use them. Maybe you tried to install and use them, but it didn’t work or you had no idea what you were looking at. If you were dealing with APIs, you were probably confused by the code and installation instructions. Many business owners are in good company with you if that’s the case. 

A marketing agency with a software developer can ease those frustrations by making the process seamless. They know what they’re looking at and know how to install and work out the kinks of any API or code needed for your website. In a traditional digital marketing agency, the owner will be desperately searching the web and developer forums for answers to their code problems of which they know little. This is time-consuming and lends itself to even more errors. 

Faulty coding leads to lower ranking in search engine results and perhaps demotion. Remember, most platforms offer an API or have resources available to developers to extend your web applications.

Done for You

The marketing team and software development team work for you. The software developers are there to smoothly and effortlessly execute your content and publishing strategy. You won't have to take on the role of a marketing strategist to deal with the technical setups and management. You won’t have to search for third party developers to help adjust code for your website or install APIs. They will all be at hand to work for you and your brand. That saves you time and money which allows you to focus on your product or service.

Build Smarter Websites

Web apps are often mistaken as websites. Web apps are typically powered by various technologies with the ability to provide automated tasks, build lead funnels, send SMS, and more. Along with the convenience of having your website and other tech capabilities built into one app, there can be complications. Quirks in code, plugins, and APIs can cause problems, but a software developer can easily fix those issues. Isn’t that better than having to hire a third party software development team to solve the problem for you? Imagine the extra money you would have to shell out to a third party developer. Having a software developer on hand saves time and money every time. It’s a no brainer really.

You Own Your Own Technology

No need to rely on technologies or worst yet updates that can change how your website works without your knowledge. Our developers will be on hand and ready to tackle any updates or technological changes that occur. At a traditional marketing agency, these fixes would be outsourced to a third party developer which would wind up costing you hundreds and maybe thousands.

Easier to Maintain

Some of the CMS and website builders have integrations, but sometimes they are managed by another developer. So, when the CMS or website build makes an update and the third party developer doesn’t update their  plugins, you could end up with broken features in your site, or a completely non-functional site. Broken links and misdirected links end up costing you in search engine ranking. 

Even though many traditional online marketing agencies provide you with a wealth of resources, only a few can offer you the additional luxury of having a software development team on hand to rescue your site and business from technological updates and hurdles. 

Pairing marketing strategy and development provides an edge on the competition, especially marketing companies that use WordPress, WIX, Square Space, and other CMS (Content Management Platforms) / Websites Builder platforms to design/manage your website. 

Viviscape prides itself in offering all the resources of a traditional agency plus a team of software developers ready to help. So, when you’re searching for a marketing agency, a good question to ask is “Do you have software developers on hand to help with technical issues?” This is a very important and specialized feature in online marketing service offerings that can take your marketing strategy to new heights.

If you are looking for the right team to help connect with your audience, we are here help.

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