Why more homeowners are turning to smart thermostat technology inside their homes.

In the year 2020 technology has taken priority in the way consumers make their lives easier and safer. From the tech that guides our lives on a large scale outside in society, to the small things we can sometimes take for granted inside our own homes. One of those small things gaining traction deals with our home comfort. Smart thermostat (programmable thermostats) technology is becoming an increasingly common tech feature for homeowners. How we control the climate in our home when we're there or even when we're away. Companies like "Ecobee", "Honeywell" and "Nest" are increasingly taking over the market in a big way.  According to Businesswire.com, "Strategy Analytics reports these types of 'smart thermostats' are most popular in the US where almost 50 percent of US smart homes have one."

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As a new consumer of the market, I'm sure you're asking yourself, "Why should I get a smart thermostat?" "What benefits or reasons are there for having one?" Maybe it's for accessibility or convenience leading the way but having one in your home definitely has some perks that could make household tasks a bit easier. Here are a few reasons why you may want to consider getting a smart thermostat: 

  • Features & Variety

Depending on the brand or model, smart thermostat technology can offer choices of how you want to live in your space. Including attachments and compatibility with other devices already in your home. Like setting up an away schedule and a specific time of day mode. These features, when used accordingly, can help keep a consistent temperature inside your home. 

  • Potential Savings

Like all eco-friendly or smart thermostat technology, when used to its fullest potential it could save you money in the long run. HVAC Advocates and experts alike say the main reason for high utility costs usually comes from inconsistent temperature changes. Maintaining a constant temperature when it comes to your indoor climate (no matter the season) can make all the difference. Essentially lowering your utility costs and keeping you from paying excessive amounts while cooling your home during the summer and warming it in the winter. 

  • Convenience is King!

Another appealing feature of smart home technology deals with it's convenience, accessibility (as mentioned above) and user-friendly functions. Having tech that you can easily navigate and take with you has become a mainstay in many consumer purchases. The ability to control your thermostat from your phone or other mobile devices only makes it easier to stay on schedule and on budget. 

PCmag.com explains the popularity of convenience using smart thermostat technology as well. Having easily accessible controls at your fingertips "...allows you to raise and lower the temperature, create a seven-day heating and cooling schedule, override the schedule if you or a family member will be returning home early and turn the system on and off." 

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A programmable thermostat and other smart home technology is only a starting point for setting up a home environment that works for you. Especially when it comes to upgrading your home to include features like these. To learn more about how to find smart tech right for your home, get in touch with an HVAC Advocate. Or to repair/replace tech you already own, let MyHVACAdvocate work for you in finding a repairman to fit your budget. Spend less time searching for home comfort and more time enjoying it.